Festive Face Mask - Silver Rain & Embroidery


Silver Rain & Embroidery

The mask greatly covers your nose and mouth. Beautifully designed and functional, sturdy fit with soft elastic ear loops. Masks are made from double layer fabrics, combinations of blend of rayon and cotton inside for high absorbency, breathability and comfort-wear and cotton/polyester blend on outside. 

Logo on the fabric shows direciton for mask's wear. The mask doesn't come with a filter. 

Please note these masks are NOT medical grade. They are not substitutes for N95 or surgical masks. However, if used correctly, they can help reduce person-to-person
droplet transmission of the virus.
Please practice proper safety recommendations and social distancing.
These masks have been sterilized with hot steam and are ready to wear
without washing. Masks are reversible and can be worn either way. Comfortable enough for extended wear and they can be washed and re-used many times. Made in Toronto, Ontario, by Studio IF usually devoted to high fashion, high quality women’s wear. 

No refunds or exchanges for hygienic reasons.

DESIGN: STUDIO IF, Made in Toronto