About IF

About the designer
Founder, CEO & Designer, Jana Pavlasek has been creating for the "IF ... Woman" for over 15 years. As a result, she designs with this woman in mind, blending the attributes of femininity with practical chic, while being able to adapt to the demands of everyday life. 
Always on the lookout for innovative and high quality clothing, Jana started collecting ideas for her own line while still working in industrial and graphic design.
By 2005, these creations formed the foundation of IF (Individually Fashioned), a line created for the intelligently stylish woman who knows how to put the accent on her strengths. 
Every collection represents timeless beauty and is always au-courant, with a touch of avant-garde.
Jana, a transplanted European and proud Canadian, is firmly ensconced with her family in her west-end Toronto home and studio.

About the designs
IF clothing is a mix of attributes ... at once delicate & strong, as well as being elegant & assertive. Carefully selected fabrics (mostly European) are transformed into sophisticated and unusual cuts that come together to form structured and versatile looks. Inspired by, and made for, positive women who embody originality, individuality, and style.  If encourages the conscientious “slow fashion “ movement, as opposed to practices that lean towards quick & disposable trends.
IF pieces are designed and made exclusively in Toronto, by independent trades people who are properly paid for their work. IF company prides itself on being socially-conscious, focusing on ecological issues and community. IF's mandate embodies what clothing & design should be about : the importance of lasting quality, the love of timeless beauty, the attention to details and the principal of fair trade labour practices.


The Designer Jana Pavlasek working in her studio IF