April 30, 2020

"I love that Jana's masks have a dual purpose, I can get the protection I need and they look great while doing it. I'm not a front line worker however my work in building hospitals can help them do their work. I knew what PPE stood for before this all started. Now I have a CFPPE (comfortable and funky personal protective equipment)." Mark
"I am loving my mask. It is comfortable for sure. The small fits perfectly the proportions of my face, including nose to ear distance. You must have spent hours getting the fit right. And you already know they are beautiful, beyond anyone’s expectations. Thank you, Jana, for thinking of us, spending oodles IF design hours on a thoughtful, creative solution to our new-found situation.  And most of all, for making us smile..."  Deborah
"Your masks are beautiful as are all your designs!!! I am definitely ordering a couple! Can’t wait to see additional designs/patterns!!! Please stay healthy!!! With lots of love," May
"Hi Jana, Thank you for this contribution to safety! I havent been to your studio (I live in Burlington) but have bought your beautiful designs at OOAK and it is a highlight for me.  These masks are beautiful." Angela