Studio IF final sale

Studio IF final sale

November 05, 2022

Dear friends and “IF family”,

After the last 2 1/2 years of immense difficulties, significant personal changes and challenges, which we all have had to endure on so many levels, I have come to the regrettable decision to wind down the operation of Studio IF.

As a fashion designer, when I look around, I see that the landscape of fashion, from every day clothing to “dressing up“, has shifted and changed. Having nowhere to go for so long, being more concerned at home with our safety and comfort, even as life opens up again, our sense and understanding of fashion has changed.

After much reflection,  I  have arrived at the difficult and emotional decision about the future of IF Studio. I will no longer participate in the One-of-a-Kind or any other shows, nor produce my designs in the same large scale as I have for the past 20 years. Time marches on for all of us, and time also reveals that change may be the best thing for us.

The Good News:

At the beginning of lockdowns, I had been preparing for several shows, so I have many beautiful and timeless pieces and samples to offer you, one last time.

This November, in time for winter and the Christmas season, I will be opening my studio doors for a few sale dates.

You are all invited to come and celebrate with me those beautiful, long 2 decades of studio IF, and stock up on some timeless pieces I have loved so much to design for you.

Date & Time:
Saturday, Nov. 12 + Sunday, Nov. 13    12 - 6 pm
Saturday, Nov. 19 + Sunday, Nov. 20    12 - 6 pm

Studio address:
168 Howard Park Avenue 
( nearest main intersection is Bloor Street West & Keele Street)

So this is it! My final closing sale! In other words, it’s NOW or NEVER!
Even though I will be closing studio IF by the end of 2022, and will take on new adventures, I am sure we will cross paths again.

I am truly looking forward to seeing you here in November, in my home studio, to celebrate, to laugh, catch up and reminisce about the wonderful IF family and experiences, which have been my joy to embrace for the past 20 years.

Jana Pavlasek